Snake Recipes: Are Snakes Good to Eat?

The health benefits provided from snake meat far outweighs those of red meats and the good news is that theyre nearly all edible. Snakes come in various shapes, sizes, and temperaments and its a good idea to know how to identify the more dangerous. With a little bit of know-how, youll be far more qualified to first identify a snake, then safely catch it and prepare it for cooking.

Snake meat is a healthy, lean meat that outstrips traditional red meats in terms of fat content, calorie count and protein levels. Compared to a typical steak, snake meat has half the calories and a third of the fat. Its great for dieters, but with up to 60% protein content, itll provide you with enough energy to keep you going out in the wild. Snake meat is often likened to chicken, frogs legs and even fish, with regards to taste and texture. There are several ways of eating snake, but a general rule of thumb is to season it as you would chicken or fish.


Stir-frying this reptile is the second most popular way to serve a snake in China.

  1. The snake meat is soaked in wine and vinegar for about an hour and set aside.
  2. Glass noodles and wanton pieces are fried separately in oil.
  3. Next, garlic and ginger are fried as well.
  4. A mix of celery, peppers, daikon, and tangerine peels are added, followed by the snake-wine mixture.
  5. Stir for about three minutes, then add glass noodles to the mix.
  6. When done, the snake dish is topped with fried wanton pieces to give some variety to its flavor and texture.


Snake soup is most popular in Canton, a city in southern China. But the highest demand for the dish comes from its more globalized neighbor, Hong Kong. In Chinese tradition, consuming snake soup has spiritual and medicinal properties ranging from curing malaria, easing joint pains, and even warding off evil spirits. It's especially popular during winter when it's believed that snake soup wards off illnesses brought about by cold winds.

The exact recipe varies depending on what you are trying to cure, but the broth contains chicken, abalone, mushrooms, pork, ginger, and of course, snake meat. Chrysanthemum leaves are sprinkled on top to add some sweetness. It produces a spicy dish with a subtly herbal taste.


This dish used to be a frontiersman's meal in the southwestern portions of the United States. The snake meat is soaked overnight in saltwater to remove the blood and some of its tough texture. The meat is dipped in egg whites and rolled through a mixture of cornmeal and black pepper, then fried in hot oil until golden brown.

Unlike chicken or fish strips, snake pieces don't have a lot of meat to glean from the bones. You have to rake your teeth over the ribs to get most of the flesh. Usually they are eaten with anything you would serve with fried food, like a side of corn or chopped vegetables.

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